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  • GMO:

    Bt10 maize
  • Alias:

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  • Tradename:

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  • Developer:

    Northrup King
  • Species:

    Zea mays
    (maize, corn)
  • Traits:

    • Herbicide tolerance > Glufosinate tolerance
    • Pest resistance > Insect resistance > Lepidoptera resistance


One transgenic insert was identified in maize event Bt10. Compared to the original construct (plasmid pZO1502) most genetic elements are integrated in multiple copies - either in full length and/or as a truncated version - and are rearranged. The sequence of the identified transgenic locus in maize event Bt10 could not be completely elucidated. However, the sequences of three fragments were characterized; these are the sequences of clone 1-1-1, clone 5-1-1 and clone C 1-1. Additional Southern Blot analyses supported their positioning to each other as clone 1-1-1 followed by a undefined sequence stretch clone 5-1-1 followed by a undefined sequence stretch and clone C 1-1 (from 5´- to 3´-end of the insert).

Sources: Milcamps, A., Rabe, S., Cade, R., De Framond, A., Henriksson, P., Kramer, V. Lisboa, D., Pastor-Benito, S., Willits, M.G., Lawrence, D., and G. Van den Eede (2009). Validity Assessment of the Detection Method of Maize Event Bt10 through Investigation of Its Molecular Structure. J.Agric. Food Chem. 57, 3156-3163.

Mettler, I.J., Dietrich, P.S., Ralph M. and R.M. Sinibaldi. Nucleic acid construct comprising bacillus thuringiensis cry1Ab gene. U.S. Patent Application No. 09/042,426, published as US6114608 A.

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Number of integration sites: 1

Transformation technique: direct DNA transfer system

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Name: insert_Bt10 maize
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Name: vector_pZO1502
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