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    Solanum tuberosum
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    • Composition alteration > Amylose/amylopectin ratio


AV43-6-G7 was developed through Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of the potato cultivar Karnico. The intended consequence of the genetic modification in AV43-6-G7 is to inhibit of the expression of granule bound starch synthase protein (GBSS) responsible for amylose biosynthesis. As a result, the starch produced has little or no amylose and consists of amylopectin, which modifies the physical properties of the starch. AV43-6-G7 contains one insert and one copy of an inverted repeat construct of the potato GBSS gene. The target site in the Karnico genome in which the T-DNA had integrated was found to have a deletion of 1814 bp. AV43-6-G7 was confirmed to be free of Agrobacterium-derived vector backbone DNA. Molecular analysis indicated that the DNA insert was stable over several years.

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Number of integration sites: 1

Transformation technique: Agrobacterium-induced

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Name: insert_AV43-6-G7
Comment: Both border sequences of the T-DNA were truncated during the insertion event. The single insert in AV43-6-G7 consisted of potato DNA for 95 % of all base pairs. The non-potato DNA of the insert was a short sequence originating form a (truncated) lac1 gene of _E. coli_.
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