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    AgrEvo, Bayer CropScience
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    Glycine max
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    • Herbicide tolerance > Glufosinate tolerance


Southern blot analysis indicated the integration of five intact copies or fragments of CS-pat-STRVR into the host genome. Further analysis also detected vector backbone in the host genome (two fragments of V-bla-ECOLX). Other genetic elements present in the plasmid pB2/35SAcK (see vectorpB2/35SAcK) used for transformation were V-RB-RHIRD and V-pUCoriC-SYNTH.

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Transformation technique: biolistic method

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Name: insert_A2704-21
First Reference Sequence:
    • Accession:
    • Reference: application documents
    • Elements:
      Insert order Name Donor Size (bp) Position
      1 P-35S-CaMV Cauliflower mosaic virus -
      2 CS-pat-STRVR Streptomyces viridochromogenes -
      3 T-35S-CaMV Cauliflower mosaic virus -
      4 V-bla-ECOLX Escherichia coli -


Name: vector_pB2/35SAcK
Comment: plasmid pB2/35SAcK is also known as pWRG5143
First Reference Sequence:
    • Accession:
    • Reference: USDA-APHIS
    • Elements:
      Insert order Name Donor Size (bp) Position
      1 V-RB-RHIRD Agrobacterium tumefaciens 55 189-243
      2 P-35S-CaMV Cauliflower mosaic virus 543 461-1003
      3 CS-pat-STRVR Streptomyces viridochromogenes 552 1012-1563
      4 T-35S-CaMV Cauliflower mosaic virus 203 1582-1784
      5 V-pUC_oriC-SYNTH Synthetic 551 2253-2803
      6 V-bla-ECOLX Escherichia coli 861 3016-3876