About the partners

BVL logo The Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) fulfils many tasks in the area of food safety. It is responsible for the authorisation of plant protection products, veterinary drugs and genetically modified (GM) organisms in Germany. In addition, it is the German National GMO Reference Laboratory for GM food and feed, working in close collaboration with the European Network of GMO laboratories (ENGL). Since the foundation in 2002, the aim of the BVL has been to improve the coordination between the Federal Government and the Federal States, to improve risk communication and to manage risks before they turn into crises.


RIKILT Wageningen UR is an independent research institute in the area of the safety and wholesomeness of food. RIKILT performs advanced research with relation to the compounds in food and feed products. RIKILT supports national and international governments with laboratory activities that relate to a safe food and feed supply. RIKILT is the Dutch National Reference Laboratory (NRL) for GMO detection methods in both food and feed, working in close collaboration with European Network of GMO Laboratories (ENGL). RIKILT is accredited to perform 53 methods for GMO detection, identification and quantification and this number is increasing continuously. In addition, RIKILT develops multi-methods on the basis of advanced PCR and sequence analysis strategies.